Kool Kidz Times Tables CD

Hear Chosen Name 22 Times!

Kool Kidz Three Times Table Song

Looking for an Easy Way To Learn Your Times Tables?

You have found it here with Laugh Along and Learn "Kool Kidz Times Tables". Learning is quick and easy with our multiplication songs. The songs are consistent with strong rhythm including Rock, Blues, Rap, Reggae and Dance music. Your child is encouraged to learn with the clever use of their name, which has been recorded throughout their very own songs. Catchy, familiar tunes all equal to easy learning!

What Can You Expect from our Times Tables? The music is familiar and catchy, your child will recognise the melodies so half the battle of learning is already over. These songs are fun, The lyrics stick quickly. A Perfect Learning Tool!


We can personalise most names, unless they are unusually long, no more than four syllables please!